If you are finally ready to kick your smoking habit and

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"Give Me Just Five Minutes,

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With my proven method,

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This isn't hype, it's a FACT. And I'll prove it.





From: Valerie Dawson

Dear Future Non-Smoker,

You've had it. And I mean REALLY HAD IT.

  • You're tired of your doctor, friends and family getting on your back and telling you to quit.

  • You're angry that it's getting harder and harder just to find a place to smoke. Your rights are being taken away - soon you won't even be able to smoke outside!

  • You're tired of wasting your hard earned cash on the ridiculously high cost of cigarettes - and its only getting worse!

  • You've seen how "big tobacco" poisons people. You're saddened to see how smoking has ruined people's lives: causing emphysema, heart attacks, stroke and cancer.

  • You're hoping that smoking doesn't ruin your health too. But deep down, you know the truth, the truth that you need to quit NOW, before it's too late.

You know all about why you need to quit. And frankly, you're sick of the struggle. The people who nag you just don't understand... It's not that you don't WANT to quit, it's that up until this point it's been TOO HARD - so you ended up going back to smoking. 
Sometimes you feel like a failure. Sometimes you feel defeated. And it seems that every time you light up you are reminded that you still need to find a way to quit. You wish there was an easier way to do it – so you could be successful once and for all and enjoy the long, healthy life you so want and deserve. 
So you've decided it's time to talk about that 4-letter word once again:


Q – U – I – T

Just quit, right? That's all you have to do. Piece of cake. You'll just get one of those patches, or gum, or get some prescription, or better yet, just tough it out and quit cold turkey. 
But you've tried all that stuff already, and while they may have worked for a while, here you are yet again, wondering, watching and waiting, again, for the magic bullet that will rid yourself of smoke forever, without withdrawal, without weight gain, and without the need for super-human will power.



It's Not Your Fault


Well I have some good news - its not you!! Its not that you don't have enough willpower. It's not your fault at all. It's just that you haven't yet discovered the most advanced, easiest method - that is guaranteed to work.


But now you can stop the waiting, because the ultimate stop smoking solution has arrived, and I'm going to tell you all about it, but...


Before we continue, please read this:
The method you are about to discover will only work for people who want to quit smoking. If you are perfectly happy as a smoker and content with your current lifestyle, then please leave this website immediately.


OK, still reading? That's good. Take a look at your watch, a clock on the wall or the digital clock on your computer, because this moment in time is a critically important occasion.
Because right here, right in this moment, as you read this...


It's Time to Take Your Life Back


If you've been programmed to believe that patches, gums, prescriptions and self-deprivation are the only ways to quit smoking, it's no wonder you're still hooked.

There's a way to quit that no one is telling you about. It's been proven to work for millions of former smokers who now enjoy a healthier life with more air in their lungs, more money to spend, and more sunsets to watch.

This method combines the power of hypnosis with a widely recognized new scientific advancement that has, virtually overnight, dramatically changed how people gain control over various aspects of their lives that they couldn't before. It's called neurolinguistic programming, or NLP. 

Through this groundbreaking, ultra-powerful combination, it's like giving your smoking habit a one-two knockout punch, which will destroy your desire to smoke now and forever, without the debilitating stress that cold turkey can bring on, and without the reliance on nicotine substitutes or mind-altering drugs. In fact...


...Quitting Will Be As Easy As 
Flipping On a Light Switch...


Once you've gone through this method you'll drop your jaw in disbelief. You may stop and wonder in regret for a moment and say: "why didn't I know about this sooner?"

But that feeling will be short-lived, because you'll be too relieved, thrilled and ecstatic about never wanting to smoke again. This new lease on life will not only carry countless health benefits, but it will bring you new opportunities to do some wonderful, exciting things with the money you used to spend on your cigarettes. 
Savor that feeling of freedom from the financial handcuffs of your cigarettes...go ahead, think about it right now...

That is an amazing feeling isn't it? Now you can make that feeling a reality when you start to believe that there is finally a way out. I have the key, and I'll show it to you.



Who Am I and Why Should You 
Believe What I Say?


My name is Valerie Dawson. I've been a counselor and hypnotherapist for over 18 years. Of course, there are hundreds, even thousands of hypnotherapists on and off the Internet who can make the same stop-smoking claims as me. But three important factors set me apart from the rest:

  1. My unique qualifications and training

  2. My groundbreaking advanced technique that will turn even a 3-pack a day chain smoker into a non-smoking fresh air breather in just 58 minutes.

  3. My reputation in the medical community - I am the number one doctor recommended stop smoking hypnotherapist in my area.

First, the qualifications: I am one of only a handful of therapists in the U.S. who have been trained and certified as a Smoking Cessation Specialist. I've trained with the best – to learn the latest advances smoking cessation hypnotherapy.
Second, my technique. In a word, it works, period. You will be transformed from smoker to non-smoker, as if by magic, in just 58 minutes. That's the raw power of this system in action. 
In a moment, I'm going to let you hear exactly what the medical doctors have to say about my hypnosis program.


My Story: I Was A Smoker Too!


That's right. Let me tell you my own personal story. Like you, I smoked. I had quit for about 10 years and then went through a rough spot in my life. I thought I could have "just one" to take the edge off...
Guess what happened? You guessed it. I had one. Then I had two. Then it was all over. I was back up to a pack a day.
I was just like you. I wanted to quit. I tried everything. I tried all kinds of tools, programs and gimmicks... yet nothing worked! I felt miserable and out of control. I felt terrible about myself. Here I am a therapist, yet I couldn't even control my own habits!
Even though I was trained in hypnosis, I had a hard time hypnotizing myself. Part of me wanted to quit, and the other part didn't. So when I tried to give myself the suggestion, "You want to stop" ... the other part of me would say, "No you don't - now is not a good time."

I Quit For Good With Hypnosis!


But I knew that hypnosis worked. I knew that it had already helped hundreds of thousands of people to quit smoking. In fact a lot of them were my personal friends! So I decided to find a hypnotist who specialized in stop smoking. 
I made my appointment, but I was worried. Even though I knew hypnosis worked and it helped lots of other folks to quit smoking, there was still that part of me that wondered if maybe it wouldn't work for me...
But it did! It worked fantastic! It worked in just one session. I simply didn't want to smoke anymore! And I was so happy, grateful and relieved, that I decided that I wanted to help other people to do the same thing.
So that's when I decided to go back to school, so I could learn the latest, scientific advances in medical hypnosis for smoking cessation. The training I completed is the best in the world! Since that time, I have helped hundreds of people to quit smoking the fast and easy way.

I Have Good News For You!


And now I've found a way that you don't have to come all the way to my office in Phoenix in order to get the same results yourself. Now, you can join the hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who have successfully quit smoking with hypnosis. You can benefit from this amazing science and technology right in the comfort of your own home!
If hypnosis worked for me, I'm sure it will work for you too. That's why I created the Stop Smoking Fast and Easy program.


Can I Pull You Aside For a Moment

and Be Brutally Honest?


It's like this. You're a smoker and you want to quit. I'm not going to lecture you about the reasons to quit. You know them all. You're not stupid, you're not a weakling, and you're not a bad person. You're a smoker and you want to quit. That's all.
Knowing how to stop shouldn't be rocket science. Quitting has been too difficult for too long. In front of you today is a way to stop your dependence on cigarettes forever. If you're ready to go after this opportunity to improve your quality of life, then click here to begin.


Here Is How "Stop Smoking

Fast and Easy" Works...


It really is fast and easy! Here are the three simple steps...




All you do is listen to the first audio and go through a simple guidebook, where you'll hear me explain exactly what hypnosis is and isn't. I'll dispel all of the myths and show you how hypnosis is very safe. In fact, you'll be in complete control the whole time and you'll remember everything I say. 
This audio will answer all your questions about quitting smoking with hypnosis. It will help you to prepare for your quit date. You can decide to quit right away, or you can wait a while if you feel you need more time to get ready. It's up to you! (By the way, this audio and guidebook preparation only takes about an hour!)



On the day that you have decided to quit, you'll take out audio number two, and just find a comfortable place to relax and close your eyes for about an hour. Then you just sit back and listen! That's right; all you have to do is relax comfortably and listen. 
This audio will program your brain to say, "No thanks" to cigarettes. After the session, you'll feel calm, control and happy - as a non-smoker!
The hypnosis works by giving you positive suggestions. You'll feel that quitting smoking is the best decision you've ever made in your life. You simply won't believe how fast and easy it really is - once you use the power of my hypnosis method! 



My goal is for you to be a happy non-smoker for the rest of your life. So I've designed two short reinforcement audios to ensure your long-term success.

The first audio is a brief hypnosis session, so you can just sit back while I give you positive reinforcement about remaining a non-smoker. It will make it so easy for you to stay quit, even in those tough situations that used to make you relapse in the past! This time, you won't even want one, no matter how stressed out you get!
The other audio is even better, because you can listen to it anytime! While you are driving, doing chores, or doing anything at all. This audio will help you to stay positive. It makes it so incredibly easy for you to remain a non-smoker forever!



When You Order Today

This Is What You Will Receive... 


"Simple as 1, 2, 3" Stop Smoking Guide ($50.00 value)


   This simple guide will:

  • Take you by the hand and leads you step by step

  • Teach you the secrets of hypnosis that make quitting so easy!

  • Reveal simple guidelines that guarantee your success!

  • Give you easy tips and tricks to make quitting easy as pie!

  • Show you how to stay quit forever – no matter what!



Audio CD #1: "Getting Ready to Quit Smoking"

($500.00 value)


In this CD, I'll first explain all about how the hypnosis works. You'll learn:

  • How to set your quit date and feel SUPER-MOTIVATED to quit!

  • What the hypnosis is, and what it isn't - forget all the myths!

  • How during hypnosis you'll be aware and in control the whole time!

  • Learn exactly what the hypnosis session will feel like before you do it

  • Secret "hypnotic tips" to get the most out of the hypnosis session


Audio CD #2: "Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session"

($500.00 value)


This is the "super, super powerful" fast and easy stop smoking hypnosis session. During this session:

  • You'll simply find a quiet place to relax and listen

  • I'll help you to imagine yourself as a happy non-smoker!

  • After this CD, you'll be saying, "I'm a non-smoker now - that was easy!!"

  • You'll awaken feeling happy and refreshed

  • You will be telling all your friends and family how great you feel!



Audio CD #3: "Non-Smoker Hypnosis Reinforcement" ($250.00 value)


This hypnosis audio will KEEP you a non-smoker! 

  • Just close your eyes, relax, and listen!

  • Quickly eliminates any cravings or desire for cigarettes

  • Feel like you are "on top of the world" - handling those old triggers with ease!

  • Keeps YOU in control – always – without reaching for a smoke! 

  • It will feel like a "piece of cake" to remain a non-smoker!


Audio CD #4: "Non-Smoker Waking Reinforcement"

($250.00 value)


You'll love this is session – it will make it EVEN EASIER to remain a non-smoker!

  • Listen while driving, working, or doing anything!

  • "Instant" motivation to deal with stress as a non-smoker whenever and wherever you need it!

  • No weight gain - or substituting ANY negative behaviors

  • You'll say "no" to cigarettes - even in the most tempting situations - calmly and easily!

  • Feel stronger and prouder every day in being a healthy non-smoker!


But What Do The Doctors Have To Say?


Khosrow Nafisi, M.D.

"I believe hypnosis is a good modality for quitting smoking and losing weight. The patients I have referred to Valerie Dawson have had a good outcome."


Jenn Hanlon, P.A.


"Many of the patients come to me for help with their addiction to cigarettes. While I could prescribe chemical solutions to help the physical symptoms of addiction, my patients are better served by Valerie's methods of relieving the psychological cravings for cigarettes."


Robert Saide, M.D.



"Valerie Dawson provides a good opportunity for people to learn a positive method to improve their health in a non-stress environment. With her methods, you'll save money, feel better, and live longer."


Alvin Goldansky, MD

"Hypnotherapy is a treatment modality that can be extremely effective for patients to improve the quality of their lives and discard bad habits. Valerie Dawson has been very helpful to the patients I have sent her."



"For my patients who want to stop smoking, I recommend Valerie's hypnosis program. My patients have been able to quit smoking successfully even when nothing else worked before."

  Carlos Garreton, MD

Family Practice Specialist


But Wait! That's Not All!

When You Place Your Order Today,

I'm Going To Give You $1,000

In FREE Bonus Gifts!


If you order by midnight , you'll also receive FOUR super BONUS hypnosis audio CD's.



Free Bonus Audio CD: "Instant Natural High" ($250 value)


This awesome hypnosis audio will teach you:

  • How to feel great naturally – without smoking!

  • Get that "feel better rush" anytime you want – without nicotine!

  • Find ways to create happy feelings from within

  • Use the power of your own mind to feel better fast!

  • Ways to get "high on life" - quickly and easily!


Free Bonus Audio CD: "Calm and in Control" ($250 value)


This hypnosis session will show you:

  • How to "beat stress" at its own game

  • To remain calm and centered in any stressful situation

  • Secret tips on how to relax instantly

  • How to stop worrying once and for all

  • Increase your enjoyment of life!


Free Bonus Audio CD: "Vacation to the Beach"

($250 value)


You'll love listening to this relaxing session, where you'll:

  • Take that tropical vacation "hypnotically" without spending a dime!

  • Put your feet up, take a load off, and feel happy and relaxed 

  • Use the power of your own mind to feel better fast! 

  • Melt away that stress and tension - simply by listening...

  • Recharge, reenergize and refocus – as if you've had a week off!


Free Bonus Audio CD: "Get More Done in Less Time" ($250 value)


This hypnosis session will show you how to:

  • Get motivated to finally get those project finished!

  • How to get a lot more done in less time

  • Get rid of all those time-wasters that hold you back

  • Get more accomplished than you ever thought possible

  • Secret time management tips so you can have more for fun!


Click Here To Order Now!



But Wait! Order In The Next 24 Hours and You'll Receive These Super Bonus Gifts!

If you order right now, I'll throw in FREE INSTANT DOWNLOADS of EVERYTHING!

These Bonus Gifts, worth $1,000, include:


All Four "Stop Smoking Fast and Easy"

Audios in MP3 format


The "Simple as 1, 2, 3" Stop Smoking Guide


All Four Bonus Hypnosis Audio Programs

in MP3 format


That's right, I'll send you free "instant downloads" of all 4 "Stop Smoking Fast and Easy" Audios as well as the simple guidebook, PLUS all 4 of the Bonus Hypnosis Audio Programs - if you order right now. So if you want, you can get started right away!!


What's It All Worth To You?


Let's do some quick math, OK? When working with people one on one, I charge $500 per one hour full session, and $250 per half hour session.
If you were to come to Phoenix to work with me personally, this stop smoking program would cost $1,500. Plus the cost of airfare lodging and meals - this would be at least another $1,000 out of your pocket. In addition, if you wanted the four recommended bonus hypnosis sessions, it would cost you another $1,000. That's a grand total of $3,500.
Do people pay that much to work with me? You bet they do. Is it worth it? Yes! Why? Because I'm a specialist, and I'm good at what I do. I've studied and perfected my techniques over 18 years – and my method works. I get results - even when everything else has failed.



So Let's Add It All Up...

  • The Stop Smoking Guide and Four Audio CD's $1,550 Value

  • Audio Hypnosis CD Bonuses $1,000 Value

  • Instant Download of All 8 Audios and Guidebook $500 Value

Total Real World Package Value = $3,050  


You Get EVERYTHING You See Above For A One-Time Low Payment of Only $197.00.
That's right, Stop Smoking Fast and Easy is available for a very limited time for the unbelievable low price of only $197!


When You Order Now,

You Are Actually Saving Money


Look at it this way, 90 days from now, you would have spent at least $197 on cigarettes. By investing $197 this ONE TIME – you'll never have to spend another dime!
Think about how much money that you'll actually SAVE over the next year! In the next year, an average smoker will spend $1,500 to $3,000! 
That means by ordering today, you will actually SAVE $15,000 to $30,000 over the next 10 years!
So where would YOUR money be better spent? Would it be better spent putting smoke in your lungs... or would it be better spent putting thousands of dollars in your pocket?


Cathy Barnes


for 3 Years

"I've saved over $9,000 from not smoking cigarettes since I quit smoking with Valerie's hypnosis method! It's like getting FREE money!"


Mary & Glen Boyd


for 2 ½ Years

"In just a couple of months after we stopped smoking with Valerie Dawson's hypnosis, we saved enough money to have a great vacation in Las Vegas!"


Scot Cummins

Non-Smoker for 2 1/2 years

"Since I quit smoking with Valerie's program 2 ½ years ago, I've put $9,000 in my pocket that I would have otherwise wasted on cigarettes. It's fantastic to have all this extra money!"

With the money you'll save, it's like getting a big huge check in the mail every week!
What will you do with all YOUR extra money?


Just imagine what you can do as a non-smoker with this new-found money:

Buy that new car you've been looking at for so long (what's the make, model and color?)


Make some much needed additions or improvements to your home (start planning now!)


Or save for college for one of your children, retirement for yourself, or any number of other things you couldn't even realistically think of before...


Take that long dreamed of vacation (think about it—where would you travel to?)


I am only releasing 100 programs at this low price. After they are sold out, the price is going up to $500. So if you order right now, you will save over $300!
Is it worth it? If you figure an average pack of cigarettes is about $5, this program will pay for itself in just 1 month for a person who smokes 30 cigarettes a day. 
The advantages of being a non-smoker, in all reality, are priceless. This is why you've decided to quit in the first place. You recognize this. The next logical step is to take action to make it happen in your life. Say NO to the other methods that haven't worked for you, and say YES to your future, right now.


Click Here To Get Started Now!



Do Yourself A Favor!


Don't wait and "think about it"... I know you are skeptical. I know this sounds hard to believe. But what have you got to lose?
If you don't order the program today, chances are you'll probably try yet another useless method to quit. You'll suffer the horrible cravings and withdrawals, only to end up giving in, lighting up a cigarette, and going back to smoking again. Then you'll be back to the:

  • Smelly fingers, clothes, hair and breath

  • That uncomfortable cough and shortness of breath

  • Feeling like cigarettes have control over you

  • Wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money

  • Having to listen to your doctor and loved ones nagging you to stop

  • Feeling like an outcast every time you have to try to find a place to light up

  • Worrying about getting a terrible disease like stroke, heart attack, emphysema or cancer and cutting your life short before you get to do everything you want to do in this life

  • And you'll feel like a miserable failure... once again


Don't You Just Want It All To Stop?


It can. Believe me. I want more than anything for you to enjoy the health and freedom of being a non-smoker - without struggle. You've read the rave reviews of what the medical doctors say about my program. You've also read what the other happy non-smokers have to say about the Stop Smoking Fast and Easy™ program.


The non-smokers on this page were once sitting on the fence - just like you are right now. But they made the right choice. Now they are smoke-free, happy and healthy.


What about you? Will you make the right choice? Or will you wait and think about it?
How will you know if it can work for you if you don't give it a try?


Go ahead; make the decision right now. Its time to take your life back. Yes, you CAN become a non-smoker the fast and easy way, guaranteed... or your money back!

Yes, I'm Ready to Stop Smoking!



100% Money-Back Guarantee!



My Guarantee To You

My Guarantee

"If you are not thoroughly convinced that Stop Smoking Fast and Easy is the smartest investment you have ever made in yourself, your health, and your life, just say so, and I'll gladly refund your money.

Plus you keep ALL Four of the bonus gifts!! That's right... you keep ALL of them!"



So If This Method is So Great,
Why Isn't Everyone Using It?


Here's why: This technique goes against the conventional wisdom of medical science (even though much of my business comes from doctors' referrals). It flies in the face of what the media, government and even charitable organizations would have you believe about quitting. Changing the opinions and policies of major institutions is like turning around an ocean liner.
But try as they might, they can't stop the tidal wave of satisfied clients. People who have stopped smoking with no drugs, no patch, no gum, no weight gain, and NO RISK OF ANY KIND


What Exactly Do I Mean By NO RISK?


Glad you asked. Here's what I mean. 

No risks to your health. This is 100% safe, no side effects, no weight gain, no lingering fatigue or feelings of withdrawal that you get from other stop smoking methods.


No risks to your finances. This is 100% guaranteed. If you don't become a non-smoker like I say you will, I'll gladly refund your money. What other stop smoking methods offer this type of promise? I'll save you the time looking around, the answer is NONE.



Let's recap what you will receive when you order the 
Stop Smoking Fast and Easy Program Today...


Stop Smoking Fast And Easy Program!

  • "Simple as 1, 2, 3" Stop Smoking Guidebook

  • "Getting Ready to Quit Smoking" Audio Guide CD

  • "Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session" Hypnosis CD

  • "Non-Smoker Hypnosis Reinforcement" Hypnosis CD

  • "Non-Smoker Waking Reinforcement" Hypnosis CD

Four Fantastic Bonus Hypnosis Gifts!

  • "Instant Natural High" Hypnosis CD

  • "Calm and in Control" Hypnosis CD

  • "Vacation to the Beach" Hypnosis CD

  • "Get More Done in Less Time" Hypnosis CD

Free Instant Downloads of Everything!

These Bonus Gifts, worth $1,000, include:


All Four "Stop Smoking Fast and Easy" Audios

in MP3 format


The "Simple as 1, 2, 3" Stop Smoking Guide


All Four Bonus Hypnosis Audio Programs

in MP3 format


There is nothing like this on the market... my unique methods are not available anywhere else... I could certainly charge well over $3000 for this system without one bit of guilt.


You see, I can guarantee that you'll save at least that much - in a few months with all the money you'll save from not buying cigarettes.... You've probably heard the testimonials here of Cathy Barnes and Scot Cummins - who both said that they've saved $9,000 since they quit with my program!
But, I'm not going to charge you $3000 for this product although it is certainly worth it. I have decided to launch this system for $197.
But Here's the Catch...
If you want to get one of the very first, hot off the presses, Stop Smoking Fast and Easy programs, then you've got to order right away! After the first 100 go out the door, the price goes up $500!


So, By Taking Action RIGHT NOW, YOU will get 
the entire Stop Smoking Fast and Easy Program 
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This is a limited time offer and may change at any time. Save $300 by simply making the best decision of your life today. Order the Stop Smoking Fast and Easy program NOW!


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It all comes down to this. You know you want to stop. And you would try again if you knew you couldn't fail. You just don't want to suffer throughout the pain of trying to quit again, only to relapse one more time.
I understand... and I have your solution. I guarantee that this is the program you've been searching for. With my method, I guarantee that this time, you can and will be successful!







Stop Smoking Fast and Easy

PRIORITY Placement Order Form!

YES! I Want To Order the Stop Smoking Fast and Easy Program. I want to quit smoking the fast and easy way, with hypnosis. I am ready to be done with cigarettes once and for all and to live the happy healthy life of a non-smoker! I also want the four bonus hypnosis audios and the free instant downloads of EVERYTHING so I can get started right away!

(Your Order  Will Be Processed Over Secure Servers)

To Your Future,

 Valerie Dawson, MSW, CHt

P.S. Think back for a minute, how many times you've tried to quit. Even if it was only once. If you're still smoking it means only one thing: it didn't work. This works, and not only does it work, it works in one hour. You'll be a non-smoker in one hour or less, with no will-power, deprivation or weight gain required. Click here to begin your new life.
P.P.S. Remember the guarantee. This is absolutely 100% risk free for you. Don't light up another cigarette without giving this revolutionary method a fair try. Millions of people who were in the exact same position as you are right now have quit, and are now happy, healthy non-smokers. Join them now!


Click Here To Stop Smoking Now!

"No Withdrawals!"


Sebastiana Bartolone
Animal Hospital Receptionist


I can't believe that Valerie was able to take a bad habit I've had for years and make it vanish in one hour. She just took it out of my head. It is amazing that since the session, I haven't wanted a cigarette. The feeling is just gone! I had absolutely no withdrawals. People can even sit next to me and smoke and I don't want one at all. I've been smoke-free for four months.


I'm Ready to Quit Now!


"I Haven't Had Any Urge To Smoke, Even When Other People Are Around."


Scot Cummins

Project Manager

/Budget Analyst


Having smoked for 40 years, I only wanted to quit once. I was looking for something that would work the first time. I truly think the hypnosis works. I had no urge to smoke after I left the session and I haven't to this day, even when other people are around.




Click Here If You Want To Quit The Easy Way!


"Forget All The Myths"


Doug Reynolds
Construction Manager


It's not like anything you've seen on TV or the movies. You just close your eyes and relax while Valerie talks to you. After the session, I had a totally new feeling - almost a euphoric feeling. The other times I tried to quit it was so hard. With the hypnosis, it was so much easier. It works!


Order Here Now!


"Gary Is Smoke Free For 9 1/2 Months!"


Gary Rich
Retired Civil Engineer


The hypnosis worked great. I was real skeptical to begin with, but after the session, I really had no desire to smoke. I've quit for over nine months. I highly recommend Valerie Dawson's stop smoking program.


"The Hypnosis Felt Wonderful And Invigorating!"


Cindy Hansen
Tech Project Manager


I was thinking it was going to be hard to quit, but the hypnosis made it very easy! I feel so positive and excited about being a non-smoker. I'm done with smoking for the rest of my life. I'm so happy I found Valerie's program!


I Want to Quit!


"Definitely Do The Hypnosis!"


Roy Holten


I tell smokers who really have the desire to quit to definitely do the hypnosis. Keep an open mind. The hypnosis makes quitting a LOT easier!


"I Haven't Smoked For Eight Months - And I Haven't Even Missed It!"


Jacqueline Gaston

Theatrix Acting

Studio Owner


For 45 years I smoked. Oh, there were brief attempts at quitting. There were patches, lozenges, gum, and guilt. Especially guilt. I knew I should quit. I just didn't really want to. I liked to smoke. That was what I had to get pass - not a nicotine addiction. That's when I found Valerie Dawson. Finally, someone who heard what I was saying. I haven't smoked for eight months - and I haven't even missed it!


"I Kicked a 40 Year Smoking Habit"


Tom Baker

Owner of Remodeling Company


I've tried numerous methods to quit smoking before: patches, gum, Wellbutrin (Zyban), acupuncture, and cold turkey. Nothing worked and I was very discouraged. But this time was really different. Because of the hypnosis with Valerie Dawson, I've been very successful. I haven't even had one puff since the hypnosis session and I don't even want one. Whenever I tried to stop smoking before, I was really irritable. But the hypnosis worked so well that I don't feel any irritability. I don't seem to have the cravings that I did before. I even feel comfortable around other people who are smoking. It's been tremendously easy.


I Want To Stop Too!


"The Only Thing That Ever Worked For Me... I Am So Happy!"


Sharon Aggers

Medical Records


I had smoked for 45 years. I tried everything ....Group hypnosis- tried twice and it did not work. Acupuncture – did not work. Patch – did not work and I was allergic. Method sold on TV – did not work. The hypnosis session felt very relaxing and calming. I have not had any cravings and my doctor is very proud of me. I am so happy and amazed that it really worked.


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"A Piece Of Cake!"


Cathy Barnes

Health Care Worker


Before, whenever I had tried to quit smoking, I felt frustrated and angry. When I would see someone smoking, I just wanted to strangle them so I could take the cigarette out of their hand. But hypnosis made it really easy. I had no experience with hypnosis before so I didn't know what to expect. The hypnosis session with Valerie was wonderful – very peaceful and relaxing. Now I'm not smoking and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. It made quitting smoking a piece of cake!


"Even After 50 Years Of Smoking, It Was So Easy To Quit!"


Jan Adams


Don't ever think that you can't be hypnotized because you can. It's not scary. You're not going to be made to do anything or say anything you don't want to do. You are in complete control. It's very relaxing. At the end of my session, I was a non-smoker. I just felt like a non-smoker, so easy. It works – it really works. I tell everyone. I've been amongst smokers and it never bothers me. I never feel like I want a cigarette. I thoroughly recommend this hypnosis method (session) to anyone who wants to quit smoking. The lingering cough went away very quickly. I was able to breathe better than I've been able to for years. My doctor is very pleased with me.


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"My Doctor Told Me He Wouldn't Operate Until I Quit Smoking."


Philip Heistand
Home Inspector


The session was very informative and I learned a lot about hypnosis. It isn't a party game like I thought. The session was very calm and relaxing. Now I feel 100% confident in being a non-smoker. I'm done!


"I Had Tried Patches, Gum, Wellbutrin And Other Methods Before..."


Diane P.
Insurance Adjuster


and every time I tried with these methods, I still had the desire to smoke. It was like constantly fighting a battle not to smoke. I would always give in and go right back to smoking. Then my doctor sent me to see Valerie for hypnosis. After one hypnosis session with Valerie, I just knew that it worked. It is amazing - I haven't wanted a cigarette since the session! I never thought it could be so easy. It doesn't even bother me when other people are smoking. I know that I will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life. It's been so easy for me and I feel great!


"Before The Hypnosis Session, I Wanted A Cigarette So Bad."


Ernest Wilson


But now I don't want one! I feel confident that I can be successful. When you are ready to quit smoking, this is a great way to go.


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"I Was So Relaxed And Comfortable During The Hypnosis"


Frances Salazar


It felt really good. But the best thing is that it really worked! I don't want to smoke now!


"Vernon Has Quit For One Year Now!"


Vernon D. Greer

Retired from the

State Lottery


I had been a smoker for 42 years. My doctor recommended Valerie Dawson's hypnosis to help me to stop smoking. He told me that his patients had been very successful with her program. The session was very relaxing. Immediately after that one session, I never had any desire to smoke. I was surprised that I had no withdrawals. I've had no trouble even being around other smokers! I've been off the cigarettes for over one year. I recommended Valerie's hypnosis to anyone who would like to quit smoking.


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